A conference with Dubai today, a red-eye flight to Rome tonight, and collaborating with my team on our new campaign tomorrow. Sadly, my life isn’t quite this glamorous yet, but everyone starts somewhere and I know anything is possible. Right now, though,  I am a senior at Central Michigan University studying to become a public relations specialist. My major is integrative public relations and my minor is journalism. I have a part time job as an office assistant at a local golf course and live in an apartment in Mount Pleasant with two roommates.

Growing up I lived on a small farm in the middle of nowhere. The closest town was a little community that didn’t consist of much more than a bank and a grocery store. My entire high school graduating class had only 38 people in it. For as long as I can remember, my biggest goal has been getting the chance to leave that area and explore different opportunities and see the world.

Being able to attend Central Michigan University has been a blessing that has allowed me to see all of the options that are available in the world. It was during my freshman year of college that I decided to study public relations. Public relations is such a great field because it is so broad with many different possible career paths and areas of interest. Skills like understanding social media trends, being able to plan an event, and knowing how to communicate with your audience are all part of the job. One of the most important aspects of good public relations is good writing skills. That is why I decided that journalism would be a great minor so that I could get more practice and familiarity with writing.

My journalism minor is the reason for this blog. The blog is a part of an assignment for my Intro to Digital Journalism class; the focus will be on both public relations and journalism. Many of the posts, including this one, will be assignments from the class.

This blog, the classes I am taking, the university I am attending. They are all stepping stones on the way to me achieving my goals. I am almost done with college and am about to start a new phase in my life. Hopefully, everything that I have learned in college will help me get a job in in my field and allow me to work at a firm or company in the city. One day, I might get to travel for my work and see the world. Maybe one day I’ll get to live the glamorous life I’ve always dreamed of.